The marquee is a must for serious traders. There's no better way to present your wares at a rendezvous or shoot. Great for fair booths and scout exhibits, too.

With a marquee, you have the perfect atmosphere for buying, selling, or sitting around and shooting the breeze.

More than one marquee (the plural of marquee is marquise, by the way) can be set up side by side and attached for multiple rooms or additional display space. Here we have a plain marquee open for business and a small marquee attached for privacy. The scalloped trim is an example of the customizing I can do for a small additional cost.

Basic sizes on my START SHOPPING page are for 10' x 14' and 12' x 16' models, but I can custom build to other specifications.

George Washington slept in a wall tent but he entertained in a marquee.

No, that's not him, that's little old me with Donna and a friend.

Marquise are great for making friends.

Kettle Korn side view

With a little bit of imagination, you can find some great ways to put a marquee to work for you.

Kettle Korn trader's tent
Good for tradin'!!

They're handy for showin' what ya got for sale...

Yum Yum! Let's EAT!!!

Or you can roll up the walls and turn a marquee into a camp kitchen or breakfast bar!

Click here for Marquee setup instructions